Autek offers a complete line of Air Make Up Systems or heaters designed specifically for paint spray booth applications.

Many older model paint booth heaters in service today do not meet current safety standards and are being operated under dangerous condition. Autek offers several Retro-fit kits to replace these obsolete paint booth heaters with new code compliant systems. Autek’s paint booth heaters are manufactured under strict quality control measures, coupled with Autek’s superior engineering and craftsmanship.

Adding heat to your painting process will drastically increase your productivity. More than twice the amount of work can be put through a heated paint booth versus a non-heated paint booth.

Are Air Make Up Units Really Necessary?

Ideally, paint booth airflow has sufficient volume, velocity and air is clean/conditioned, as needed.

Air Make Up Systems provide an air supply from a controlled source, are filtered, and with the required equipment can provide a constant temperature and humidity. This results in a more consistent finish than you would achieve without an Air Make Up system.

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