Signature Spray Booths

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Paint booths come in many different qualities and offer a wide variety of features. It is best to come up with a layout or design that would best fit your needs and then search for the perfect spray booth. The ultimate top of line spray paint booth can increase your speed and efficiency over other booths.

For the Cadillac of all spray booths we have designed the Autek Signature Series paint booth. The booth cabin features double skinned walls of solid interlock panel construction, pre-coated finish, and prevented with plastic film. Our custom entrance doors are insulated rubber gasket sealed doors with positive internal lock bar in threshold base and a solid header base. The personnel door is equipped with a safety glass observation window that is also rubber sealed.

For excellent lighting we offer plenty of spray booth lighting options. 40 fluorescent lights, horizontal hip light fixtures, and interior or exterior serviceable fixtures are available. Extra side lights are available in 13 sets of horizontal lights or 6 sets of vertical lights. Fully galvanized grates and support structures help house 5 rows of paint stop filters. The ceiling filters are European style blanket filters that provide maximum air movement. Pre-filters reduce contamination of ceiling filters.

During a spray cycle, 100% outside air is drawn through pre-filters, heated to a preset temperature, and passed through the ceiling filters into the painting booth cabin. The bake cycle is fully automatic to help save time. The exhaust system is driven by a turbo fan with a 10 hp motor for optimal ventilation. The electrical control panel features a digital temperature controller, hour meter, bake timer, cycle selector, buzzer, and indicator lights.

Autek Paint signature-booth-03All components are recognized, listed or certified by UL, ETL or CE. Our Signature Series spray booth is the ultimate painting booth on the market. We can custom design and build it to any size to fit your specific painting requirements. See why we are the leading paint booth company giving you the edge you need in professional paint booth services.

  • Featuring I-Beam Support Structure
  • Licensed Florida Contractors CSC1110300 
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