Quality Truck Booths

For painting large items like trucks, van, campers, and boats you need a quality truck paint booth. The right size paint booth with adequate exhaust fans and lighting will produce quality painting results. If a smaller spray booth just won’t cut it, or you are planning for future growth, you have come to the right place.

Adequate Ventilation and Lighting

As a leading truck paint booth manufacturer, we understand the importance of having enough space to paint large trucks and other items. Other truck spray booth companies don’t go the extra mile that we do to make sure with a larger sized booth you also have adequate ventilation and lighting.

Best Booths on the Market

Our goal is to offer the best truck painting booths on the market so you can gain the edge you need to produce quality truck painting results. If your business depends on high quality paint jobs, our large sized spray booths are the solution.

Backed by 5 Year Warranty

Backed by our 5 year cabin warranty, our truck and van paint booths are built to last and increase your efficiency. We offer many different types of truck spray paint booths so there is an option for any size company and budget. Experience why we are the premier van and truck paint booth manufacturer in the country by contacting us today.
Featuring I-Beam Support Structure
Licensed Florida Contractors CSC1110300

Truck Booth Options

Truck Semi Downdraft Paint Booth

Truck Cross Flow Booth

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