Waterborne Paint Drying System

When it comes to spray booth painting, nothing can increase your efficiency more than the drying time. A top quality drying system can mean the difference between a few hours or a few days. With any business, time is money and long paint drying times can certainly kill your profits. At Autek Paint Booths, we understand the concern of paint booth drying times. We offer two systems for drying waterborne paint.

Total Systems Group – XLR8air

The Total Systems Group XLR8air is great add on waterborne paint drying system for your present spray booth. It is user friendly, affordable, and easy to install.

California Pulse Waterborne Curing Drying System

We also offer the top of the line California Pulse Waterborne Curing Drying System that will guarantee your drying efficiency is increased greatly for optimal results. The California Pulse drying system increases paint job drying times through proper filtering and pressurizing cabin air and redirecting it onto the painted surface through 4 corner blowers. This does not affect the spray booth pressure but delivers the correct combination of pressure and volume to greatly increase spray paint drying times.

This high quality spray booth drying system blows air from the corners of the booth horizontally to completely cover the painted surfaces. Air movement and turbulence is created in small crevices such as door handle indentations, under styling lines, body curves, bottom sides of bumpers, and so on. Other waterborne paint drying units blow vertically and will not hit these areas making for much longer drying times and costing you money.

Superior Control Panels

As a leading paint drying system company, we know having control over the system is extremely important. Our control panels offer an on/off button and a selector switch, the system can be programmed to run for a certain amount of time, controls which towers run, and can even be set to alternate. There is also an electric heater option to provide better bake cycles for the ultimate spray booth drying system. See why we offer the best waterborne paint drying unit on the market.
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